Modification Request

Please read the following closely before submitting:

  1. All applicable codes and regulations will be followed and all necessary permits will be obtained at my expense.
  2. I have read all applicable sections of the Bylaws and understand the same.
  3. All maintenance to this modification will be performed at my expense.
  4. I understand that, should any legal regulatory agency require, at any time in the future, modifications to this variance, they will be done at my expense.
  5. I will pay any maintenance costs incurred by the Association as a result of this modification.
  6. I understand it is my responsibility to advise future assigns or owners to this unit of their responsibility for this modification.
  7. I hereby certify all of the above information is truthful and accurate.

It is very helpful, and often required, if you submit a drawing showing the location of your modification request in relation to your unit.

If you live in one of the following communities, you may click the link below to print your form, as there is a specific form required and the boxes below will not apply to your association:

Courtyard of Wildwood

Hills of Oxford II

Maplegrove Village of Clawson

Sandalwood South

Scott Lake Coves РSatellite Dish Request ONLY 

Waldon Pond

Glennborough Homeowners

Monarch Estates

M1 Concourse

Villas of Northridge

Legacy Woods of West Bloomfield 

Woodfield 3 & Highlands at Woodfield

Printable version of form below