Management Services

  1. Attend an agreed upon number of Board of Directors meetings (1.5 hour limit).
    Prepare and distribute all required forms and coordinate the Annual Meeting and handle all voting tabulations.
  2. Act as liaison with Association attorney, contractors and insurance company.
  3. Review standard operating procedures and provide recommendations for improvements to board.
  4. Provide monthly management report (Association Status Report).
  5. Perform inspections of Association property with Board members.
  6. Be available for Board consultation during normal business hours and for emergencies at any time. (Twenty-four hour answering service and emergency service. There may be an additional charge.)
  7. The Community Association Manager shall visit the property on a timely basis for inspection.
  8. Record and process work orders sent in to In Rhodes Management, as needed.
  9. Address and handle co-owner calls.
  10. Assist in the enforcement of Rules and Regulations and By-laws of the Association.
  11. Verify restrictions violations reported in writing by Co-owners.
  12. Follow up on co-owner violations and work order requests.
  13. Submit written uniform bid specification for scheduled maintenance and other contracted services and purchases (i.e. snow removal) to be approved by the Board of Directors
  14. Obtain multiple bids and proposals from qualified vendors for those services.
  15. Check references/equipment/insurance coverage of bidders and communicate with bidders to make sure bids are responsive to the specifications so valid comparisons can be made.
  16. Review quotations and prepare recommendations for Board review.
  17. With Board approval, award contracts and inspect contractor performance.
  18. Keep a running record of all work performed by vendors including: vendor, month/year work performed, cost.
  19. Coordinate all emergency telephone calls, written maintenance and correspondence, maintain records of such together with the action taken with respect to each request.
  20. Evaluate level of Co-owner satisfaction to extent possible and suggest areas of improvement.
  21. Maintain, if available, master set and working copies of all complex engineering drawings and various site maps.