Accounting Services

  1. Collection of all monthly and or annual Association fees, late fees, fines and legal fees as directed by the Board.
  2. Deposit of all monies in a timely manner into a special checking account established and maintained in the name of the Association.
  3. Deposits will be made to the Reserve Account each month and/or year.
    Additional deposits to Reserves, as directed by the Board of Directors.
  4. Past due notices are sent within five (5) business days after the Association’s grace period has passed.
  5. Delinquent notices are sent to Co-owners thirty (30) and sixty (60) days on past due accounts, indicating liens will be placed on accounts allowed to become ninety (90) days past due (with Board approval).
  6. In Rhodes Management shall work with the Association attorney regarding delinquent accounts, as needed.
  7. Invoices are reviewed for accuracy and for completion of assigned task.
  8. Payment from those funds of all charges incurred on behalf of the Association for the maintenance and management of the Association property.
  9. Payroll accounting for Association personnel, if needed, will be provided (additional charge).
  10. State and Federal Payroll Tax returns, if needed, shall be prepared and submitted on or before due date (additional charge).
  11. Members of the Board will receive monthly financial statements showing all income and expenses compared to budget and the status of individual Co-owner accounts.
  12. In Rhodes management, with input from the Board and Treasurer, shall prepare and submit to the Board a recommended Annual Budget for the next fiscal year showing anticipated receipts, expenditures and rationale for same. Results of any Reserve Analysis shall be incorporated into the Annual Budget. Provide necessary documents and information to the Association C.P.A. in the preparation of all year-end tax returns, financial statements, and annual audit.